Celebrating a compassionate, ethical, and sustainable lifestyle for all

JFA began with a desire and need to organize to better help animals in the Pittsburgh area — after years of consistent animal rights effort in our city, Natalie and Leila formed the group to involve others and get everyone excited about animal rights!

JFA has helped and supported many legislative initiates in Pittsburgh towards protecting animals. We have organized many demonstrations around the city including the anti-circus, carriage horse rides, fur, deer cull and roadside zoos. JFA also brought Pittsburgh its 1st VegFest- now in its 3rd year,  encouraging folks to shop crafts and art in their own community and try much of their vegan food they otherwise did not know about! VegFest also supports small businesses and local music along with many animal welfare non profits. Another project- Meatless Monday Pittsburgh, is an initiative in schools and local workplace cafeterias to bring more plant based items to the public.